Thanks from the General Director of the “UKROLYAPROM” Association

On the occasion of the professional holiday of the Day of Food Industry Workers of Ukraine, the General Director of “VERHIVTSEVSKY OIL EXTRACTION PLANT” LLC, Dmytro Valentinovych Guletskiy , was presented with a letter of thanks for fruitful and persistent cooperation, active support in solving problematic issues aimed at ensuring the stable operation of enterprises under martial law, a significant personal contribution to the further development of the oil and fat complex, which will contribute to the post-war revival of the economy.

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участь в конференції

Participation of  Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC in the GRAIN UKRAINE conference

Impressions from the participation of Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC in the GRAIN UKRAINE conference, which took place on May 30-31, 2023 in Kyiv, were shared by the conference participants – director Dmytro Valentinovych Guletskiy and commercial director Akker Stanislav.

This international industry platform brought together the largest representatives of the agricultural market, heads of Ukrainian agrofood companies, commercial and investment banks, as well as technological trendsetters in the agricultural sector.

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Працюємо заради Перемоги

We work for Victory

We work for Victory

In February 2023, despite the difficult conditions, the  Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC resumed the production of oil, meal and fuel pellets. He received certificates for his products.

The capacities of the plant are as follows:

  • sunflower processing 750 tons/day
  •  oil production 300 tons/day
  • production of meal 285 tons/day
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ДСТУ 4492: 2017 на олію соняшникову

The oil and fat industry of Ukraine for 30 years of independence

One of the main achievements during the years of independence can be considered the revival and further rapid development of the oil and fat industry of Ukraine.

This is one of the few branches of industry, which not only restored the production volumes of its products in 1990 (sunflower oil – more than 1.0 million tons), but also exceeded them by more than 6 times.

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