Participation of  Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC in the GRAIN UKRAINE conference

Impressions from the participation of Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC in the GRAIN UKRAINE conference, which took place on May 30-31, 2023 in Kyiv, were shared by the conference participants – director Dmytro Valentinovych Guletskiy and commercial director Akker Stanislav.

This international industry platform brought together the largest representatives of the agricultural market, heads of Ukrainian agrofood companies, commercial and investment banks, as well as technological trendsetters in the agricultural sector.

Participation of  Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC in the GRAIN UKRAINE conference
Director of  Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC Guletskiy Dmytro Valentinovych (right) with colleagues at GRAIN UKRAINE

The GRAIN UKRAINE conference is an important forum where the latest trends in the agricultural market, the development of sustainable business models and the introduction of technological agricultural innovations are discussed. This event provides a new level of discussion thanks to the participation of key players in the global agricultural market. GRAIN UKRAINE 2023 impressed with its high-quality speakers and bright participants. The organizers created a pleasant work format, and the place of the conference created a special atmosphere.

Комерційний директор ТОВ СОЛОМА Аккер Станіслав на GRAIN UKRAINE
Commercial director Akker Stanislav at GRAIN UKRAINE

Charity auction in support of the Armed Forces

No less important was the charity auction in support of the Armed Forces, which took place as part of the evening program. It was a great opportunity to help those who protect our country while enjoying informal communication.

The discussion part of the conference

Special attention was paid to the official GRAIN UKRAINE program at the conference. It included a rich discussion part, during which the greatest challenges and needs of the agricultural market during the war were discussed, as well as points of recovery and growth were sought. We listened to the opinions of high-ranking representatives and market experts, which allowed us to enrich our knowledge and views on the development of the industry.

About the New Food Summit

Separately, about the New Food Summit, which was held for the first time as part of the conference. This track is devoted to investment opportunities and prospects for the development of agricultural sector during the war. It was interesting to hear about innovative approaches to processing agricultural products and finding ways to successfully market them.

About the exhibition

In addition to the conference part, the exhibition area was impressive with its variety. Suppliers of agricultural processing equipment, insurance companies and banks presented their capabilities and innovative solutions. It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and services that help improve efficiency in agriculture.

All in all, GRAIN UKRAINE was an unforgettable experience and a great opportunity to meet world leaders and open new horizons in the agricultural sector. We are very grateful to the organizers for their work and effort in creating such an interesting and fruitful event.


We wish the GRAIN UKRAINE conference continued success and look forward to its next year. This event is an indispensable platform for sharing experience, building partnerships and working together to solve important issues in the field of agriculture.

We are deeply convinced that the interaction and cooperation between the key players of the agricultural market, experts, authorities and business is an important step towards the stable development of our country. Only by joining forces and applying modern innovations will we be able to create effective business models and ensure sustainable growth in agriculture.

We would like to thank all the speakers, participants, organizers and sponsors of the conference for their significant contribution to the development of the agricultural sector and building the future of Ukrainian agriculture. Let our joint efforts contribute to the prosperity of the industry, increase its competitiveness and improve the lives of our people.

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