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Відділ продажу: +38067-632-88-89 Відділ закупки: +38067-180-29-99

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вул.Нова,50А, Верхівцеве, Дніпропетровська область,Україна, 51660

Виробнича діяльність

Основні види продукції

ТОВ «Верхівцевський Олійноекстракційний Завод» виробляє соняшникову олію, шрот соняшника та соняшникові паливні пелети.Завод може виробляти 760 тонн соняшника на добу, 312 тонн олії на добу та 289 тонн шроту на добу.

Соняшникова олія
Соняшникові паливні пелети
Соняшниковий шрот


Останні новини в галузі та на підприємстві ТОВ «Верхівцевський Олійноекстракційний Завод»

Thanks from the General Director of the “UKROLYAPROM” Association

On the occasion of the professional holiday of the Day of Food Industry Workers of Ukraine, the General Director of “VERHIVTSEVSKY OIL EXTRACTION PLANT” LLC, Dmytro Valentinovych Guletskiy , was presented with a letter of thanks for fruitful and persistent cooperation, active support in solving problematic issues aimed at ensuring the stable operation of enterprises under martial law, a significant personal contribution to the further development of the oil and fat complex, which will contribute to the post-war revival of the economy.

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тижневий тренд
Weekly sunflower trend

Weekly trend for the period from August 28 to September 3

During the period from August 28 to September 3, there was a further decrease in prices on the oil seed market, in particular for sunflower. Precipitation in the central and southern regions is expected to reduce the impact of the heat on crops, so there will potentially be favorable conditions for harvesting soybeans and sunflowers. As of September 3, the average price of traders was UAH 12,704.81/t, which is 4.39% less than last week.

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