Processing plants are ready to buy sunflowers of the old crop at higher prices

If earlier we wrote that Sunflower prices are unchanged, today the situation is changing and processing plants are ready to buy sunflowers at higher prices in the range of UAH 20,000..

Prices for the 2024 harvest are formed at the level of old prices with September-October delivery.

According to Spike Brokers analysts, we have the following prices:

The latest indications of sunflower buyers:

  • DAP Ukraine (regions) — $410-430/t;
  • DAP Bulgaria (center) — $450-460/t;
  • CIF Bulgaria (port) — $445-450/t.

The latest indications of buyers for oil:

  • FCA Ukraine (regions) — €760-780/t;
  • DAP Ukraine (border) — €810-830/t;
  • DAP Bulgaria (center) — $860-870/t;
  • DAP Netherlands (center) — €940-950/t;
  • DAP Macedonia (Mon.) — €850-860/t.

Questions about selling sunflowers? Contact the managers of the Purchasing Department

Questions about the purchase of sunflower oil, meal and fuel pellets? Contact the managers of the Sales Department

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