We work for Victory

We work for Victory

In February 2023, despite the difficult conditions, the  Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant LLC resumed the production of oil, meal and fuel pellets. He received certificates for his products.

The capacities of the plant are as follows:

  • sunflower processing 750 tons/day
  •  oil production 300 tons/day
  • production of meal 285 tons/day

Development plans

One of the urgent problems of production was the lack of premises for storing the main raw material for production – sunflower.

Today, preparatory works are underway for the construction of an elevator and railway tracks for storing seeds for our own needs.

“Verkhivtsevsky Oil Extraction Plant” LLC to further expand the Ukrainian and foreign market of sunflower oil, meal and fuel pellets.

There are plans to release packaged oil.

The company sees its development as part of the struggle for the Victory of Ukraine and is ready for new achievements for this purpose.

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