Features of transportation of sunflower seed processing products

Features of transportation of products obtained in the process of sunflower processing play an important role in the construction of logistics schemes. Sunflower seed processing products occupy a significant role in the market and are in high demand.

Manufacturing enterprises use sunflower seeds for the production of vegetable oil, and the remaining products are additionally processed. That is, they are wholesale purchases, that is, large volumes.

Sunflower seed processing products.

Seeds, oil, meal and cake – the benefits of each of these products are invaluable. Today, a number of large and not so agricultural enterprises are engaged in the process of sunflower processing. However, it is not enough to sell seeds or any other product formed after processing, it is important to observe a number of conditions so as not to disturb the quality of the products during transportation.

Each of the sunflower seed processing products has a number of features that must be taken into account when transporting them. At the same time, it should be understood that railway depots, special cars, and even sea vessels can be used as transport. It is important that the carrier takes into account the peculiarities and safety of transportation.

Features of transportation of sunflower seeds.

Yes, sunflower seeds have the property of hygroscopicity, that is, they are able to absorb moisture from the air. This can lead to a change in mass, loss of physical and chemical properties of the product, and even its deterioration. Therefore, if you want to buy seeds or, on the contrary, sell them, but at the same time preserve their properties, you should seriously approach the choice of the method of transportation. Most often, in order to transport seeds cost-effectively, trucks with a fixed platform or dump body should be used. Some carriers offer to transport sunflower seeds using grain trucks. It should be remembered that not all types of machines are suitable for these purposes, their conversion is often required.

Features of transportation of sunflower oil.

Oil wholesale in Ukraine is produced in fairly large volumes. Part goes to the domestic market, and part is exported. In the process of transportation, sunflower oil obtained by pressing sunflower seeds is less demanding. Unpack aged oil is usually transported using road or rail tanks. Before pouring the product there, it is necessary to carefully check it for the presence of debris or foreign bodies that can affect the quality of the product. In addition, direct sunlight can negatively affect the oil. They destroy the chemical formula and can lead to the loss of most useful substances. Tanks used for transporting sunflower seed oil should be selected with a bottom drain. In addition, due attention should be paid to the issue of sealing.

If we are talking about transporting sunflower oil packed in bottles or mini-tanks, then they can be transported in railway cars, on pallets, which will be able to protect the goods from damage.

More on oil transportation

According to DSTU regulations, the warranty period of sunflower oil storage is 4 months. If everything is simple with the storage of oil, then the transportation of the product must be carried out in accordance with certain requirements:

  • Oil is transported in specially designated railway tanks with a bottom drain, which have stencils and inscriptions “Oil” in accordance with the current rules of cargo transportation.
  • In tank trucks with tightly closed hatches and in other covered vehicles, in accordance with the rules of cargo transportation in force on the corresponding mode of transport.
  • In the case of transporting the product by open vehicles, barrels, flasks and boxes with packed sunflower oil must be protected from atmospheric precipitation and sunlight.
  • Transportation of packaged oil in open boxes must be agreed with the customer.
  • Before bottling, sunflower oil is stored in closed containers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in closed rooms.
  • Oil in containers made of domestic and imported colored or non-colored polymer materials, glass and bags with a laminated cover are stored in closed darkened rooms at a temperature from plus 8 °C to plus 20 °C.

Cake. Conditions of safe transportation.

The cake, which is formed as a result of pressing the oil from the seeds, is prone to spontaneous combustion, no matter how strange it sounds. This is due to the fact that during the processing process, a certain percentage of oil remains in the product, which, oxidizing and releasing heat, can ignite spontaneously. Especially if we are talking about a cake with a percentage of fat from 8 to 9% and a moisture content of up to 5 or more than 10%.

Otherwise, the product is safe. Therefore, companies planning to transport cake made from sunflower seeds should check the quantitative content of moisture and fat and accept only those batches that meet safe parameters.

In addition, the vehicle in which transportation is planned must be dry and clean. There are requirements for the storage of this product. Cake must be stored in bags placed on racks and pallets. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The room should have good air flow, so it is advisable to place the product in well-ventilated rooms.

Peculiarities of meal transportation.

Another popular product of seed processing is meal. This is one of the varieties of the cake, which is obtained after applying the extraction procedure using special liquids. It contains less than 3% residual fat, so it is less prone to spontaneous combustion. But it is not as safe as we would like. The dust generated by the product is explosive. In addition, the liquids used in its processing belong to the category of flammable. Together with air, they can form dangerous vapors in closed rooms.

Transportation of meal is allowed in bags, in bulk. At the same time, the volume in the bags should be within 1.69 – 1.73 m3. Before loading, the carrier must check the compliance of the goods with the allowable indicators from the DSTU. If necessary, special measures should be taken to help prevent consequences (explosion, fire, etc.).

In order to buy or sell sunflower seeds, you should take care in advance of observing the rules for its transportation. The same applies to products obtained in the process of processing sunflower seeds.

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